Outcome 1

To develop scenarios of embodied cognition in tower operations, in order to understand and explore the role of the embodied cognition during high-performing operations of remote control. These innovative scenarios will be created collecting data and feedback on the current control operations in tower, through interviews and workshops with controllers.

Outcome 2

To define user requirements for multimodal remote towers and augmenting manned airport tower operations, with the aim to reproduce the multimodal perception in a remote tower simulation platform also with the implementation of multimodal solutions, considering the feasibility of integrating them in the current industrial solutions.

Outcome 3

To propose multimodal solutions able to reduce workload, increase situation awareness, to enhance the sense of presence and to augment human performance. The above-mentioned solutions include the delivery of design guidelines, mock ups and working prototypes, using at least the visual channel, haptic input and the spatialisation of sound.

Outcome 4

To develop brain-physiological index based on physiological and brain cortical activity and kinematics, in order to detect any loss of situation awareness due to lack of realism, and to monitor the human performance in (remote) tower operations, associating neurophysiologic conditions with established HF concepts like: workload, situation awareness, fatigue, and drop of attention.