Deep Blue consulting and research

A SME specialised in R&D and technology transfer. Its main area of activity is the evaluation of complex systems. Focusing on the interactions, integration and allocation of functions between humans, procedures and equipment in contexts with high security, dependability and resilience requirements, like ATM.

Ana Ferreira, Michela Terenzi
Sapienza Rome University

Sapienza brings state-of-the-art knowledge from domains other than aviation. MOTO involves both the Industrial Neuroscience (IN) Laboratory, recently engaged in the successful SESAR project NINA; and the Social and Cognitive Neuroscience (SCN) Laboratory, previously involved in VERE, TANGO and PARMS.

Fabio Babiloni (IN)
École nationale de l'aviation civile

Providing continuing education for the main players of the French civil aviation, ENAC also offers a favourable environment for research activities: it has its own training facilities, access to ATM experts as well as engineers and pilots, and a long-term expertise in innovative interaction technology, simulation and modelling.

Christophe Hurter
University of Groningen

The second-oldest University in the Netherlands, it is a leading research institution featuring state-of-the-art facilities for the visual exploration and analysis of huge datasets, together with know-how in large-scale data visualization. MOTO involves the Johann Bernoulli Institute for Mathematics and Computing Science (JBI).

Alexandru Telea

Consortium as a whole

The MOTO project is built around the complementarities of these four core partners that cover the whole value chain from research to application and development of prototypes. ENAC and Deep Blue provide the primary venues for exploitation, having existing contacts with key industrial partners, while both Sapienza University research teams have corresponding sister spin-off companies that can ensure support for mature exploitation. The University of Groningen will support the team in designing augmented solutions.
MOTO benefits from a previous solid collaboration established between Deep Blue, ENAC and Sapienza University in NINA project.

Project coordinator

Deep Blue consulting and research



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